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Gilly Art is the business of Hans Gilsdorf,a talented artist and sculptor who has created a wonderful world of imagination and fantasy for children. The imaginary world called “Laffalot” is complete with a flurry of characters, a whimsical theme, and beautifully hand painted scenery.

Gilsdorf’s vision with Gilly Art was to create a world where kids would become so excited

about their colorful and whimsical surroundings, they would be distracted from the often intimidating medical equipment and procedures in a hospital or clinic setting. He knew, first hand, that the idea worked for his own daughter. It was then, in 2004, Gilsdorf’s vision became a reality. In learning about a renovation project at MeritCare Children’s Hospital
in Fargo, North Dakota, Gilsdorf took a chance, and proposed his idea to the organization.

The hospital was inspired and made his art a central theme in the renovation project. Today, the main characters, Alfunz and Baby Alfunz, grace the walls and the rooms of the Pediatric Unit, Pediatric Intensive Care Unit and the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit of the hospital. The art serves as an effective way to distract the children by helping them feel safe in an otherwise scary setting.
Copyright© 2006 Hans Gilsdorf.